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5 servers hacked, 1.3 TB data encrypted: MoS Chandrasekhar on AIIMS cyber attack

10 Feb 2023 2:57 PM GMT
As per the analysis of the national cyber security watchdog, five servers of the (AIIMS) were affected by a recent cyber attack

Manoj Bajpayee's Twitter account hacked: 'Don't engage with anything coming from my profile until the issue is resolved'

6 Jan 2023 7:11 AM GMT
He also urged everyone to avoid any interaction with the account

Apple and Android phones hacked by Italian spyware: Google

24 Jun 2022 6:14 AM GMT
RCS Lab said its products and services comply with European rules and help law enforcement agencies investigate crimes

Information and Broadcasting Ministry's hacked Twitter account restored

13 Jan 2022 11:45 AM GMT
The official Twitter handle of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting was hacked on Wednesday

#Hacked began trending in India, know why?

12 Dec 2021 6:30 AM GMT
Falling prey to a hacker, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official Twitter account was hacked and then secured quickly by the authorities.

French cybersecurity agency confirms phones of 2 journalists hacked with Pegasus

30 July 2021 10:13 AM GMT
France’s cybersecurity agency has confirmed the mobile phones of two French journalists were hacked with the Pegasus spyware