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Indian Railways Update: IRCTC cancels over 135 trains on November 24

24 Nov 2022 7:47 AM GMT
IRCTC has also diverted and rescheduled many trains for today and tomorrow

Doctors protest against Bond policy escalates across the country, Haryana cancels NEET Counselling

7 Nov 2022 11:03 AM GMT
Medical Dialogues had previously reported that as per a circular by the State Government of Haryana, Rs 10 lakh annual bond policy was supposed to...

Indian Railways Update: IRCTC cancels over 100 trains on November 7

7 Nov 2022 8:26 AM GMT
About 137 trains have been fully cancelled, meanwhile, 24 trains were partially cancelled today due to bad weather conditions

Indian Railways Update: IRCTC cancels over 170 trains on October 25

25 Oct 2022 6:08 AM GMT
This comes a day after 189 trains were fully cancelled on October 24

Indian Railways Update: IRCTC cancels over 130 trains on October 9

9 Oct 2022 6:22 AM GMT
Furthermore, chances are multiple trains can be cancelled on October 10 as well

IRCTC update: Indian Railways cancels over 300 trains on September 25

25 Sep 2022 6:20 AM GMT
It is to be noted that source station of 56 trains has been train changed as well

Justin Bieber cancels India show due to health reasons

16 Sep 2022 8:43 AM GMT
According to the statement, Bieber has also cancelled other stops in the tour's run-up

Indian Railways Update: IRCTC cancels over 230 trains on September 14

14 Sep 2022 9:04 AM GMT
This comes a day after 214 trains were cancelled by Indian Railways on September 13

Indian Railways: IRCTC cancels over 200 trains on September

10 Sep 2022 7:13 AM GMT
The site has complete details of the train's schedules, and arriving and departing times

IRCTC Update: Indian Railways cancels 173 trains on September 7

7 Sep 2022 11:00 AM GMT
Additionally, it has decided to divert 35 trains and change the originating stations for 35 trains on Wednesday

German airliner Lufthansa cancels more than 800 flights on September 2 due to pilots' strike

2 Sep 2022 7:49 AM GMT
The union had called for a 5.5 per cent raise this year and an automatic above-inflation increase in 2023
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