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Report Links Fashion giants H&M, Zara to deforestation, corruption in Brazil

12 April 2024 3:27 PM GMT
The Cerrado, the most biodiverse savanna on Earth, has been disappearing at an accelerating rate as Brazil's massive agribusiness industry has...

Brazil fashion companies Arezzo, Soma agree merger

5 Feb 2024 3:09 PM GMT
The exchange ratio established in the agreement stipulates that Soma Group shareholders will receive 0.12 new Arezzo&Co shares for each Soma share...

PM Modi and President of Brazil share deep concern on situation in West Asia

11 Nov 2023 7:05 AM GMT
PM Modi yesterday received a call from the President of Brazil

Small plane crashes in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, killing all 14 people on board

17 Sep 2023 8:52 AM GMT
The passengers were Brazilian tourists on their way to fish, the reports said

Shooting: 16-member Indian contingent to take part in ISSF World Cup, starting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

14 Sep 2023 7:27 AM GMT
The Rio event will be the last rifle and pistol ISSF World Cup in 2023 before the finals in Doha, Qatar, scheduled from 18th to 27th November

Fashion retailer H&M to launch in Brazil

19 July 2023 7:50 AM GMT
The launch in Brazil comes as the company is pushing to accelerate its expansion in the North and South America region

Brazil's controversial bill on Indigenous Land Rights an existential threat for original peoples

7 Jun 2023 7:37 AM GMT
The move has sent shockwaves through the Amazon rainforest and cast a foreboding cloud over the future of Indigenous Land Rights in Brazil

Brazil: Bolsonaro in Florida hospital as thousands stage rallies calling for his arrest

10 Jan 2023 7:11 AM GMT
Bolsonaro's wife Michelle took to Instagram to confirm the news

Seven dead, several injured after section of canyon collapsed at Brazilian waterfall

9 Jan 2022 9:27 AM GMT
Tourists shouted as the column of rock slammed into the ocean and crushed two boats

The death toll from Brazil's 'worst disaster' in Bahia has risen

28 Dec 2021 11:30 AM GMT
Rescue crews combed the city of Itabuna in southern Bahia in small dinghies, scooping residents from their homes

India unseats Brazil to become top food supplier to Arab nations after 15 years

8 Dec 2021 7:15 AM GMT
India surpassed Brazil in food exports to the League of Arab States for the first time in 15 years

Omicron Outbreak: World on high alert as new variant spread to more countries

1 Dec 2021 6:52 AM GMT
Brazil and Japan joined the rapidly widening circle of countries to report cases of the omicron variant