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US, allies conduct more drills in face of N. Korean threat

17 April 2023 8:01 AM GMT
The United States, South Korea and Japan will conduct a joint missile defence exercise on Monday in waters near the Korean Peninsula

BJP and its allies take lead over opposition parties in early trends

2 March 2023 6:34 AM GMT
TIPRA MOTHA is leading in 11 seats, while others are leading in 2 seats

US announces military assistance worth over USD 3.75 billion for Ukraine, European allies

7 Jan 2023 7:48 AM GMT
The US has committed more than USD 24.9 billion in military assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the Biden Administration

US, allies clash with China, Russia over North Korea missiles

5 Nov 2022 6:07 AM GMT
US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said North Korea's staggering 59 ballistic missile launches this year