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Russia intends to dissolve Ukraine from world map: US envoy

30 July 2022 6:21 AM GMT
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has even stated that this is Russia's war aim

Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine says it is in control of Sievierodonetsk plant

12 Jun 2022 5:48 AM GMT
The sources reported that Russia is targeting Sievierodonetsk in eastern advance

Vladimir Putin set for cancer surgery, to hand over temporary power to ex-KGB chief amid war with Ukraine: Report

2 May 2022 10:15 AM GMT
Patrushev, the 70-year-old incumbent Secretary of Russia`s Security Council, is seen as a key architect of the war strategy so far

Ukraine: 100 civilians evacuated from besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol

2 May 2022 6:22 AM GMT
As many as 1,00,000 people are believed to still be in blockaded Mariupol

Netflix loses 200K subscribers in less than 100 days

20 April 2022 5:56 AM GMT
Another factor for Netflix is intense competition from titans such as Apple and Disney

Russia pours in more troops and presses attack in the east

20 April 2022 5:33 AM GMT
Russia assaulted cities and towns along a boomerang-shaped front hundreds of miles long and poured more troops into Ukraine on Tuesday

Ukraine returned students gather at Delhi's Jantar Mantar, demands admission to Indian institutions

17 April 2022 10:09 AM GMT
A majority of the Indian students who were forced to leave Ukraine due to the ongoing Russian invasion of the country were pursuing the MBBS course

Ukraine: 2 Killed due to Russian Shelling in Luhansk Oblast

15 April 2022 9:33 AM GMT
The flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, a guided-missile cruiser that became a potent target of Ukrainian defiance in the opening days of the war

Over 30 evacuees killed, 100 wounded in Russian rocket strike on Ukrainian station

8 April 2022 9:50 AM GMT
More than 30 people were killed and over 100 were wounded in a Russian rocket strike on a railway station in east Ukraine on Friday

3-Day curfew in Irpin, US discloses list of weapons sent to Ukraine

8 April 2022 6:17 AM GMT
Dozens of people lined up for food, diapers and medicine at a shattered school now serving as an aid-distribution point in Chernihiv,

World Bank report: Impacts of the war in Ukraine will slow economies in Asia

5 April 2022 5:30 AM GMT
The report forecasts slower growth and rising poverty in the Asia-Pacific region this year as multiple shocks compound troubles for people and for...

UNGA approves resolution blaming Russia for humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine

25 March 2022 6:15 AM GMT
India abstained on the resolution saying focus on the cessation of hostilities is required and called for urgent humanitarian assistance
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