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Russia intends to dissolve Ukraine from world map: US envoy

30 July 2022 6:21 AM GMT
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has even stated that this is Russia's war aim

Russia warns Lithuania of 'grave consequences' for blocking rail transit

22 Jun 2022 5:45 AM GMT
Lithuania recently blocked rail transit of certain goods sanctioned by the European Union in retaliation against Russia's invasion on Ukraine

Indian Oil Companies' dividend worth $125.5 Million stuck in Russia due to sanctions

28 May 2022 6:41 AM GMT
Indian companies with stakes in two Russian assets are unable to repatriate 8 billion roubles

At $76.6 billion, India is third highest military spender in world, says report

25 April 2022 7:55 AM GMT
Similarly, Russia also saw an increase in its military expenditure for the third consecutive year

Russia says one sailor died, 27 missing after Moskva missile cruiser sank

23 April 2022 7:41 AM GMT
It took the Russian military over a week to acknowledge that one serviceman died and two dozen others were missing after one of its flagship cruisers...

Netflix loses 200K subscribers in less than 100 days

20 April 2022 5:56 AM GMT
Another factor for Netflix is intense competition from titans such as Apple and Disney

Russia pours in more troops and presses attack in the east

20 April 2022 5:33 AM GMT
Russia assaulted cities and towns along a boomerang-shaped front hundreds of miles long and poured more troops into Ukraine on Tuesday

Over 30 evacuees killed, 100 wounded in Russian rocket strike on Ukrainian station

8 April 2022 9:50 AM GMT
More than 30 people were killed and over 100 were wounded in a Russian rocket strike on a railway station in east Ukraine on Friday

UK imposes 'toughest' new sanctions against Russia

7 April 2022 5:58 AM GMT
Britain, on Wednesday, announced what it described as a "significant ratcheting up" of sanctions on Russia

Russia offers oil to India at $35/bbl discount from pre-war price

31 March 2022 8:29 AM GMT
Russia wants India to take 15 million barrels contracted for this year just to begin with, they said

UNGA approves resolution blaming Russia for humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine

25 March 2022 6:15 AM GMT
India abstained on the resolution saying focus on the cessation of hostilities is required and called for urgent humanitarian assistance

Russia blocks Google News, citing 'Inauthentic' info on Ukraine conflict

24 March 2022 5:38 AM GMT
Google news became the latest major service to be blocked in Russia after it invaded Ukraine a month ago
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