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Ganzi Tibetan province of China floods, killing 7 people

13 Jan 2022 11:16 AM GMT
Chengdu, Jan 13 Seven people were killed after a power station's building was flooded in Ganzi Tibetan province in China

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake has struck China's Qinghai region

8 Jan 2022 8:08 AM GMT
At 37.77 ° n latitude and 101.26° e longitude, the epicentre was detected

In the midst of debt crisis, China Evergrande Group suspends shares in Hong Kong

3 Jan 2022 10:39 AM GMT
Evergrande, China's second-largest property developer, said on Monday that its Hong Kong stock will be suspended

Arunachal Pradesh is an "inherent part" of China's land, according to China, despite India's strong objection

31 Dec 2021 12:21 PM GMT
India strongly condemned China's decision to rename 15 locations in Arunachal Pradesh

China: Increase in COVID-19 cases, Xian has put strict restrictions on 13 million residents

24 Dec 2021 6:52 AM GMT
The Chinese city of Xian has implemented strict restrictions on outbound travel and movement within the city

Nicaragua, a Taiwan's ally, has turned to China

10 Dec 2021 7:41 AM GMT
Nicaragua's decision to break ties with Taiwan and resume diplomatic relations with the mainland has been hailed by China

China warns that countries that join a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will 'pay the price.'

9 Dec 2021 10:21 AM GMT
China issued the warning after Canada, Australia, UK & US announced a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing on Wednesday

China suspended energy projects in Sri Lanka due to security concerns from a 'third party.'

3 Dec 2021 9:20 AM GMT
Sino Soar Hybrid Technology's plans to establish a hybrid energy system in three northern islands flagged by Sri Lanka have been canceled

Despite Omicron's concerns, Beijing Olympics would be held successfully

30 Nov 2021 11:27 AM GMT
The Games will be held without foreign spectators in Beijing and neighbouring Hebei from February 4 to February 20

Army wants new radar for threat detection along China border

10 Nov 2021 7:19 AM GMT
The Indian Army has sought to equip itself with a modern low-level light-weight radar (LLLWR) for threat detection and response along the China border

PM Modi Surprises Climate Summit With 2070 Net-Zero Vow For India

2 Nov 2021 6:49 AM GMT
India stood out among the top emitters at the summit, which included the United States and China.

China rations diesel amid fuel shortages

28 Oct 2021 12:23 PM GMT
Petrol stations in many parts of China have begun rationing diesel amid rising costs and falling supplies.
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