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Donate plasma and help others to get well from Coronavirus – Dr. Rajesh Shah

7 Oct 2020 9:23 AM GMT

Plasma donor Rajesh says the procedure is painless with no weakness Dr. Rajesh Shah himself is an expert homeopathic doctor.  As Chairman of the Vadodara Municipal Health Committee, he has contributed to the management of the Corona Crisis in the city with the administration.  He also distributed homeopathic herbs as a precaution against the disease […]

Plasma shortage for Covid19 patients in Vadodara

21 Sep 2020 4:01 AM GMT

Only 150 recovered patients donated plasma Vadodara witness the spike of Covid positive patients and there is a growing concern over adopting other therapies by hospital for effective treatment. Plasma is one such therapy which shows great results to treat Corona patients. However the shortage of donors lead to a growing concern after major hospitals […]

Coronavirus plasma treatment still experimental, cautions WHO

25 Aug 2020 7:29 AM GMT

The World Health Organization has cautioned that using blood plasma from COVID-19 survivors to treat other patients is still considered an experimental therapy. The United Nations agency today that preliminary study results are inconclusive and more rigorous research is underway. Yesterday, the US Food and Drug Administration authorized what’s called emergency use of the treatment […]

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