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Assam NRC data goes offline; nothing to worry, say officials

12 Feb 2020 5:14 AM GMT

Officials in Assam have reassured that data concerning to the final National Register of Citizens (NRC) for Assam going offline is a temporary thing and the issue will be resolved in a few days. The data, which contains information on applicants included and missing from the list released in August last year, went missing after […]

Govt sets NPR in action, Amit Shah says it has nothing to do with NRC

25 Dec 2019 4:41 AM GMT

The Union Cabinet on Tuesday approved fund allocation for updating the National Population Register (NPR), putting the official stamp on a revised pan-India list of “usual residents”, but attempted to distance the exercise from the controversial National Register of Citizens (NRC). The government said NPR would be linked to the 2021 Census, and would not […]

PM Narendra Modi : Congress, urban Naxals spreading rumours over CAA, NRC

22 Dec 2019 12:19 PM GMT

PM Narendra Modi has finally publically addressed the tensions festering in the country over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act as well as the National Register of Citizens (NRC). As protests grip the country over the alleged communal connotations of the two exercises, PM Modi assured voters in Delhi that no Indian Muslim will be affected by […]

Naveen Patnaik Opposes NRC after backing CAB

19 Dec 2019 4:47 AM GMT

Amid protests against amended citizenship law engulfing Odisha, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Wednesday appealed for calm as he assured people that the ruling party, Biju Janata Dal (BJD), will not be supporting NRC in the state. Saying that the party won’t be supporting NRC, Naveen Patnaik clarified that BJD backed the amended citizenship law, […]

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