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Mukesh Ambani unveils JioPhone Next 'most affordable smartphone' in the world

24 Jun 2021 10:28 AM GMT
The new phone has been developed in partnership with Google

Google Doodle encourages ‘double masking’ and observing social distancing

6 April 2021 10:35 AM GMT

Big Tech companies have an important role to play in creating awareness about important events and topics, and these companies regularly share verified information to keep their users informed. Google has now updated the logo on its search engine with a new Doodle, to help promote mask-wearing and social distancing. If you visit Google’s homepage […]

Google Maps rolls out dark mode on Android

24 Feb 2021 11:52 AM GMT

Google Maps is finally getting Dark Theme on its Android app. The company has announced that the feature will roll out to all Android users globally after being tested for a few months. The Dark Theme will enable users to save battery life and the greyscale interface will reduce eyestrain. A dark mode for Google […]

Google will partner with Airtel & Jio for “Project Taara” expansion in India: Report

15 Dec 2020 9:36 AM GMT

Google has made a number of initiatives in the past as well to bring the internet to remote areas in specific parts of the country. One such initiative is ‘Project Taara’ which aims to make the internet accessible wherever it is difficult to provide it, through the use of light beams. Project Taara is exactly, […]

Google Down: Gmail, YouTube and other services broken in India and other countries

14 Dec 2020 12:36 PM GMT

Google and its major services including Gmail and YouTube have reportedly suffered outage in India and several other countries including the UK. Reports of issues began to surface around 11:22 am this morning. Gmail users found themselves being greeted with a “Temporary Error” message. It stated: “We’re sorry, but your account is temporarily unavailable. We […]

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announces investment of Rs 75,000 cr in India

14 July 2020 11:47 AM GMT

Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai has announced an investment of 75,000 crore rupees in India through Google for India Digitisation Fund to help accelerate country’s digital economy. Addressing the sixth annual edition of the “Google for India” virtual event yesterday, Mr. Pichai said the fund would be used over the next five to seven […]

Leap Day 2020: Google Celebrates February 29 with Doodle

29 Feb 2020 5:18 AM GMT

Google Doodle on Saturday celebrated Leap Day, which occurs every four years, keeping February 29 in view. Saturday’s doodle is jumping for joy on Leap Day. Leap Day is an extra day, February 29, added every four years to the calendar.  As leap day or leap year day, is a date added to most years […]

Sundar Pichai named CEO at Google’s parent firm Alphabet

4 Dec 2019 7:09 AM GMT

Google’s India-born Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai will assume the leadership role at its parent firm Alphabet after the internet giant’s co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin stepped down from its active management, making him one of the most powerful corporate leaders of the world. Page and Brin are stepping down as CEO and president, […]

New You Tube Premium & YouTube Music prepaid plans announced for users in India

19 Nov 2019 10:26 AM GMT

US-based search engine giant Google has announced new prepaid plans for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium for users in India.  YouTube launched YouTube Premium and YouTube Music in India last March and while at the time users could only subscribe to a monthly plan. Now, users will be able to purchase one month or […]

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