Vadodara is under constant threat of Swine Flu and the administration is taking every measure to aware people about taking precautions. Many schools and colleges are also taking precautionary measures for their students and staff members and giving them dose of swine flu pills by organising programmes.

On Thursday department of Food and Nutrition in MSU Faculty of Family and Community Sciences organised Swine Flu prevention campaign for the students and staff members of the department. Dr. Rajesh Shah from Nikir foundation distributed free Homeopathic doses to the students and staff members as precautionary step against Swine Flu.

Swine Flu is infectious disease and spread from person to person. The most prone areas are the crowded places and university is one of them. As thousands of students come everyday to the faculty the department decided to organised Swine Flu prevention camp for the students as well as for the staff members.

Dr. Rajesh Shah gives the doses of Swine Flu pills to the students and claimed that five pills are enough for each student to help fight the disease. Around 450 students, teaching and non teaching staff of the department took the dose as part of prevention camp.


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