Vadodara city is facing the Swine Flu scare this year and every passing day the number of patients are increasing. To fight the disease its early detection and medication is necessary and for that the VMSS health department team already started door to door awareness.

Part of their awareness drive for the first time the VMSS requested Ganesh mandals to spread awareness about Swine Flu in their pandals through posters, banners and other mediums. The awareness is the part of ‘Sarvajanik Ganesh Mandal Swachhata Spardha’ organised every year by the VMSS.

With the rising cases of Swine Flu the VMSS is strictly monitoring the situations and taking evasive steps to control it. Not only that their teams visit door to door and aware the people about the precautions and also distribute medicines to the ill persons.

“With proactive survey of the Swine Flu this time college students joined us in the survey and we are able to report over two lakhs homes in four days. We visit 2.70lakh houses and check 11.76lakh people in the survey. We able to find 7,615 people with acute respiratory and refer 4,116 to the hospitals. 247 were given Tamiflu and 20 hospitals including two government ones are working with us,” said Dr. Vinod Rao Municipal Commissioner Vadodara.

This time the VMSS organise Ganesh mandals competition based on the theme of cleanliness. The organisers also have to spread the message of Swine Flu inside their pandals to the visiting people.

“This year also we organise the competition and this time it’s on cleanliness theme. The criteria are to maintain cleanliness, spread the message, install eco friendly idols, eco friendly way of immersion and most importantly spread the message of awareness of Swine Flu among the public through posters and banners. The prizes will be given on ward wise basis,” said Bharat Dangar Mayor Vadodara.


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