People enjoy steps inside the water style becomes part of their aqua exercise

Vadodara is known for its traditional garba and sometimes people are taking innovative steps to make it a lifetime experience for the dancers. One such innovation getting popular this year is swimming pool garba where people enjoy the steps inside the water. The style slowly getting popular as it becomes a part of their aqua exercise and gives the strength to the legs.

The idea is the brainchild of national swimmer and coach Gira Choksi, engaging the patients having knee and back problems to enjoy the festival. The enthusiasts enter the water and enjoy the steps of garba.

“These people are having knee and back problems and can’t play garba on the ground. I train them in aqua exercise and as they are eager to do garba, we decide to use the water as the best medium for them. The water underneath support their knees and backs and they can enjoy the steps without any pain,” said Gira Choksi.

Starting couple of years ago the style is getting popular as the people enjoy the festival while doing their aqua exercise inside the pool. “Around 60 persons from the age group of 20 to 65 doing the steps of Dodiya and enjoy garba which we calls a part of their exercise. The response is good and we normally do the steps in the morning during the swimming classes at Alkapuri club,” said Choksi.


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