Demand quick action in the matter

Haribhakts of Vadodara city-district gives a memorandum to the district collector over misconduct with the saints by police at the Gopinathji Dev temple in Gadha village of Saurashtra, the pilgrimage place of Swaminarayan sect. They demand quick action in the matter and threaten to protest in whole Saurashtra in coming days.

As per details given by the haribhakts, on 6-12-2020 at Shri Gopinathji Dev Mandir in Gadhda village, a DYSP level officer misbehaved with the monks and saints and abused them. The feelings of Haribhaktas of Swaminarayan Sampradaya have been hurt due to the misconduct. In protest the haribhaktas gathered and gives a memorandum to the collector and demand action in the matter.

They request the government to take immediate action in the matter. They also threaten to protest further if still no action taken in the incident.


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