Sarang helicopter display mesmerised the crowd with breathtaking aerobatics display

In a run up to the momentous occasion of 87th Air Force Day Celebrations which falls on 8th October, Air Force Station Vadodara organised a colourful and breathtaking aerobatics display at Harni airfield. SARANG Helicopter Display Team, Sky Diving by IAF Akash Ganga Team on 27 Sep 19. The display also saw the IAF elite Special Operations ‘GARUD’ Commandos conduct ‘Engine Running Operations’ from an AN-32 aircraft and Slithering operations from a helicopter with the underlying theme of KNOW YOUR AIR FORCE. A impressive Static display of Fighter, Helicopter, Missile systems and Radars show casing a wide variety of IAF combat platforms was also there at the air field.

The celebrations kicked off with Sky Diving by Akash Ganga Team, the most exciting adventure sport the world over with Paratroopers jumping from 8000 ft without opening their parachute at a steady speed 120 miles per hour. They performed various free hand acrobatic drills in the air before opening their parachutes at low levels to carry out precise landings.
Thereafter an AN32 carried out an ‘Assault Landing’ with GARUD Commandos doing ‘Behind Enemy Line’ operations.

The highlight of the event was the aerobatic display by ‘SARANG’ which in Sanskrit, means Peacock, the National bird of India. The team is led by Gp Capt SA Gadre performed a synchronized aerial ballet of 04 brightly painted metal birds drawing comparisons with the graceful peacock.

The visitors were made aware of career prospects in the Indian Air Force and its role in aid to civil authorities and during war through a publicity stall, screening of movies and interaction with Air Warriors.

The Air Force Station came alive with an enthusiastic crowd thronging the display area. The show was witnessed by nearly 6500 visitors including students from schools and colleges, personnel from Army, NDRF, Police and district administration and their families. The special note was the whole hearted participation of a large number of school/college students and NCC Cadets of Vadodara.

The display served as an introduction of Air Force to the young minds and gave them an exposure about the life and work in IAF. Their interaction with service personnel and introduction about basics of aircraft, equipment and infrastructure went a long way in motivating the youths and making them more aware about National security, a very important factor towards Nation building.


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