Four years ago,39 Indians lost in Iraq’s Mosul have been killed. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj informed about this matter in the Rajya Sabha. Sushma Swaraj said that all Indians have been killed by ISIS, after which the bodies were sent to Baghdad. We have examined all the dead bodies through the DNA sample.

She told that Harjit Masih’s story was not true. 39 bodies found, 38 of them have DNA matches and 39th under investigation. Sushma said that we had removed the dead bodies after digging the mountain, General VK Singh went there and worked hard to find the evidence.

Sushma told that VK Singh will go to Iraq, all the dead bodies will be brought.First of all, the ship will go to Amritsar and after that it will go to Patna, West Bengal.Sushma told the Rajya Sabha that the body was seen through Deep Painration Radar, after which all the bodies were taken out. In which many icons were found and confirmed after the DNA investigation. External Affairs Minister said that the search continued for 3 years.