Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu addressed the gathering of people and students at the Switch Expo on Friday and said that its like a family reunion for him after visiting here at the expo.

He was Minister for Power from 2000 to 2002 and after visiting at the Switch Power conference he was happy to be in the company of former power minister of Gujarat Saurabh Patel and other dignitaries from all across the world.


Talking about innovations he said that the human mind has the capability to do anything. “The capability of human mind is so phenomenal that it can do anything. All you can do is to think and implement the thought into a innovation. He also said that taking risk while implementing your thoughts is the way of innovations  as we now see around us,” said Prabhu.

He also gave an example of mobile that how a discovery of mind lead to mobile revolution now. “When mobile phone started there was a thing that no body wants to give their number to others as at that time the incoming was chargeable. But now after so much of innovations we are now in a position from no mobile to free mobile. It might possible that the time will come that we can pay others for using our mobile and all these things are discovery of a mind,” said Prabhu.


He also said that now the biggest challenge in front of us is robotics. “The robots are used in almost every where and they are made capable to work like human. The artificial intelligence make it possible and in coming times the robots might think better like us,” said Prabhu.