Visitors and shop owners in the three-storeyCity light complex in City light had close shave on Wednesday when a portion of the third-floor collapsed.

A16 year-old girl named Hetvi Jariwala, who had come to ateend her tution classes on the second floor, sufeered head injuries when a concrete slap from the staircase fell on her. At least seve vehicles including cars and two-wheelers were also damaged in the incidnet.

Howeever, there was nobody on the staircase when it collapsed ay arround 1:30pm, fire and emergency department source said. he Surat Minicipal Corporation(SMC) has sealed the complex and asked the shop owners to vacate.

Chief fire officer Basant Pareek said “The complex is quite old and the staircase are on the outer side of the property.The portion connecting the third floor collapsed and fell on the ground where vehicles were parked.

He added “ We have inspected the building and report will be submited to Athwa zone for further action.”

Deputy municipal commisnoer Dr Rajesh Pandya said “ We have removed the staircase portion that had collapsed and the entire building management has been asked to take up the repair and renovation work immitiadetly.”


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