Living Will, i.e. the desire for death, has been heard by the the Constitution bench of five Supreme Court judges. Court has allowed Passive euthanasia in Living Will. The Constitution Bench has issued guidelines for security measures for this. In such cases as the court guidelines have been issued which do not have Living Will in Advance itself.

Under this, a family member or friend can go to a high court and high court makes a medical board who will decide whether Passive euthanasia are needed or not. The court said that these guidelines will continue until the law comes.

What is Passive Euthanasia

The difference between active and passive Euthanasia is that something done for the patient’s death in Active, while Passive Euthanasia do nothing to save the life of the patient.

During the hearing, the Constitution Bench had said that we would not say this in the right to life that the dignity of death is included in the right. We would say that dignified death should be painless. There should be some process where death can be done in a dignified manner.


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