The thirteen express/mail trains which are passing through Gujarat will now be known as superfast trains. 12 trains of them passess through Ahmedabad junction. The status of super fast trains with effect from 1st October, 2016.

The trains which are included in this list are : Mumbai – Okha Saurashtra mail, Surat – Bhagalpur Surat Express, Bandra – Delhi Sarai Rohilla Express, Bandra – Gandhidham Express, Mumbai- Ahmedabad Gujarat Express, Bandra – Bhuj Kutch Express, Ahmedabad – Somnath Express, Surat – Jamnagar Intercity Express, Surat – Hapa Intercity Express, Bandra – Bhavnagar Express, Bandra – Bhagat Ki Kothi Express, Ahmedabad – Allahabad Express, Okha – Varanasi Express.

Rate of the Tickets will also increase of these trains along with super fast status.