Excessive heat in Vadodara proved too much for the people as they avoid venture out in the afternoon under scorching sun. However a teacher in Vadodara comes up with a innovative idea and put a sun roof kit fitted atop his two wheeler. The idea works wonder for him as the teacher and his family easily moves out from their house in the scorching heat. The innovative idea also proves to be the centre of attraction for the people of the city.sunroof Residing in Bombay Park society in Karelibaug Kanubhai Thakkar is a teacher in GEB school and comes up with a innovative idea to save himself and his family from the scorching sun. He fitted a sunroof kit on his two wheeler and now venture out fearlessly with his family.

He said that due to excessive heat it’s impossible to go out after 11am under the scorching sun. But after fitted the sunroof kit atop my two wheeler now I fearlessly go out with my family in the excessive heat and anytime during the day. He said that his family is also happy with the innovative idea.sunroof He further said that after the sunroof kit now he don’t have to wear helmet or cap and also his wife not wrapping her face with a dupatta. At first thought that people will make fun of me but after he went out on my two wheeler with the kit fitted they asked him about it and he answered them very positively.

He also said that his wife also went out on the same two wheeler without any shame and the women also asked her about the kit. After fitting the sunroof kit they all have 100% protection from the excessive heat.

Kanubhai said that the kit proves to be multipurpose for them as they believe that the sunroof kit will provide protection from the scorching sun and also in the time of monsoon. They feel that with this kit their two wheeler will gives them the feeling of a four wheeler.