Suicide or Murder: Poster of the film inspired by Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case out


It’s just been little over a month since actor Sushant Singh Rajput died and there’s already a film inspired by the incident titled Suicide or Murder.

The poster of the film is now out and the producer says he’s not trying to cash-in upon Sushant’s name but just trying to serve the society by establishing that Bollywood is run by a syndicate. The poster of the film shows debutant Sachin Tiwari ‘as an outsider’ and he’s been made to look like SSR.

Producer of the film, Vijay Shekhar said that they are in the middle of finalising the script which will be done by August post which they will move to shoot the film for around 50 days in Mumbai and Punjab.

He said, “This film is being made to break the myth of nepotism and Bollywood mafias spread in Bollywood. I am not trying to redeem his name at all.”

Shekhar added that Sushant is not the only victim of Bollywood’s dark side and there have been cases like Jiah Khan and Divya Bharti. He said that his film Suicide or Murder will talk about all the cases and ‘outsiders’ where the industry tried to sabotage their careers. “I am just trying to make an accident like Sushant not happen to anyone else, he said.

 Before that happened to Jiah Khan or Divya Bharti. I met an actress who tried to commit suicide 11 times. If an outsider comes into our industry and is trying to commit suicide, there will be a reason. There is a mafia gang going on in our industry,” Shekhar explained.

The film is going to be a story of 9-10 people who have had the same fate as Sushant. The producer said that it’s going to be a three-hour-long film and will have characters inspired by those who have been questioned by the Mumbai Police in the actor’s death case. The film is being made after taking legal guidance and it’s not a biopic. Shekhar said that it’s just inspired by a part of SSR’s entire life.

The actor died on June 14. Police said that his body was found hanging to the ceiling fan of his apartment at Bandra’s Mont Blanc building. His fans and admirers continue to believe in a foul play and several petitions have been made to permit a CBI inquiry in the matter. The Maharashtra government has refused to conduct a CBI inquiry.


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