Dear loved ones,

Till you receive this letter I may be already dead. But I am sending this to explain
why I had to take such a harsh decision. The reason was that I had been suffering
from treatment resistant depression and anxiety since 3 years which was getting
worse day by day and the symptoms were horrifying which haunted me every day
like insomnia, depression, extreme anxiety, abnormal bodily sensation, pain,
fatigue and many more to list. It was not due to any external factor but was
physiological which was very tough to solve. I tried all the interventions which
included psychiatric and neurological medication, counseling and other life style
modifications to control it but none helped.

Your love was very precious for me but the disability outweighed it as it was
occurring daily at much higher scale then I can handle to be normal.I am thankful
to you all-baba, aai, ashu and amruta for being my strength in my battle which I
may have lost but I tried very hard to overcome it. Your love was the positive force
for me in battling my depression for which I am always grateful to god. My
expectation was not high but just to live a normal life which I prayed to god every
minute but he didn’t listen.

It is my last wish to you all that please move ahead in life without keeping any
grief regarding my death in heart as I will be always alive in your growth and

My death’s reason is nothing personal or professional but purely due to my ill

Thank you
Paritosh Soni


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