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Students risk life to reach school in Naswadi

Students risk life to reach school in Naswadi

At one side Gujarat government is talking about girls education and promoting it through various platforms. But the ground reality is something which shows the different picture of education.

Such an incident came to light in Linda Tekra village in Naswadi Taluka falls under Chhotaudepur district where due to unavailability of buses the girls are now force to leave school. The ST department assigns four buses for the 587 students studies in Adivasi Kanya Nivasi School. What is more alarming that around 150 girls are forced to left their schooling as they have only one bus to go to their school daily.

The school spreads on 20 acre land with modern facilities for the tribal students from nearby villages. Government gives 33cr grant to the school having hostel facility for students, teacher quarters and two academic buildings. Government spend 30 to 40,000 per student for their education.

Around 1700 girl students study in the school where 1100 are residing in the hostels inside. The rest stays in nearby villages and around 587 of them use ST buses to reach school every morning residing as far as 40 kms away.

However the alarming situation is that the ST department assigns only four buses for the 587 students which provides a sorry picture of the government slogan of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao.

Everyday the girls forced to board the bus like animals stuffed inside over capacity and reach their school. The situation is very alarming as the over loaded bus proved to be inviting big accident as it is stiffed beyond capacity. With nowhere to go the girl students are now forced to left their education to avoid the everyday problem travelling inside overloaded bus.

Students said the ST department assigns four buses for them having capacity of 58 passengers on board. However due to punctuality in school they have to board the overloaded bus to reach in time. Sometimes they have to sit on the roof of the bus to reach school in time risking their lives. However now they are fed up of all this daily torture and think of left their studies midway.

Principal of the school Meraman Pithiya said they already approached Dabhoi division about the problem and request them to assign more buses many times. However the issue is still unresolved and students are facing problems.

On the matter Naswadi ST Depot traffic controller Parshottam Bhil said all depends on the District Subplan (Prayojna) officer to order us to assign more buses on the route. The BJP MLA of Naswadi Abhesingh Tadvi wad unreachable while try to talk to him.

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