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Students of Science faculty celebrated World Sparrow Day

Students of Science faculty celebrated World Sparrow Day

World Sparrow Day is celebrated globally on 20th March with an aim to raise awareness towards conservation of “House Sparrow” which is an important bird in urban ecosystem.

With an aim to sensitise people towards the cause the students of Science faculty celebrated the day and distribute earthen bowls, cardboard nest boxes and others.

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Students of Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science celebrated “World Sparrow Day” , with an aim to create awareness towards conservation of house sparrow and raise concern about their dwindling status. The Group Let's Save Sparrow had distributed 270 earthen water bowls, 150 cardboard nest boxes, 50 earthen nest and sparrow friendly tree saplings.

Disappearance of house sparrow has been credited to urban architectural changes, landscapes modifications, changes in life style, and food habits of human and reduction in number of “Sparrow Friendly” trees. Reduced availability of insect larvae and radiation hazards from cell phone towers are also debated as possible reasons of disappreance.

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