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Students of Sant Kabir Indian International School learn the art of Taxidermy

Students of Sant Kabir Indian International School learn the art of Taxidermy

White Breasted Water Hen was preserved for study

Students of Sant Kabir Indian International school in Vadodara learn the art of Taxidermy through live demonstration. It's the process to preserve the birds and animals by stuffing them from inside.

The process of Taxidermy is a lengthy one and need mastery to perform it. It is used for preserving an animal's body via stuffing or mounting for the purpose of display or study. It's for the first time that such a process was demonstrated live to the students.

Normally students learn this art in the college level but here the school students learn it under their KEDI project lead by Hitarth Pandya where they get the environment related knowledge in a unique way. The education imparted to them is based on their hunger learn and not the age where we see a 2nd standard student teach a 9th class one about bats and also learn the complex art of Taxidermy.

The idea materialised after a dead White Breasted Water Hen was found near the school. The students noticed the bird which was about to die. lost its breath and also tried to save the bird but unfortunately it died.

After that it was decided to preserve the Water hen with the help of Taxidermy.

A Botany teacher from Reliance School, Suvarna Sonawane who was once the Biology teacher for Hitarth Pandya was approached and it was decide to show and teach the complex art of Taxidermy to the students if Grade 8 and 9 and preserve the bird.

The students are excited to learn the art and said that it will be helpful for them in their career.

"It's an amazing experience to see the live Taxidermy of a bird which is more a learning thing for us. The process will be helpful for us in the future," said Ananya Verma.

The teachers also shared that it gives the students something to learn out of the books. "It's very important for the students to have a hands on experience of the process which they normally learn through books. We as a schools always put focus on give students learn out of the books which gives them the real experience and they should stand out from others," said Coordinator at St Kabir IIS, Bhavna Tondon.

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