The festival of love and bonding between brother and sister is approaching and this year the Rakshabandhan festival falls on 7th August 2017. However Prince Ashokaraje Gaekwad School in Vadodara celebrated the festival in a very unique style. The students of the school tied Rakhis to the trees, animals, birds and pledge to nurture and care for them.

To celebrate the Rakshabandhan festival the PAGS this year came up with the motto ‘Nurture the Nature’ and spreading the message to care about nature and animals. The students tied Rakhis to tress, plants inside the school campus and to friendly animals and birds. After tying Rakhis they also take pledge to nurture them and care for them now onwards.

Students tied Rakhis to various tress and plants along with animals like Horse, goat, lamb, calf, different varieties of birds and fish aquarium. There was a lovely environment inside as the students somehow afraid to tie Rakhis on animals but after tied they were happy and said they will care for them now onwards as their one of responsibility.

“Every year our school celebrate every festival in different and unique style with a message to the students and the society. This year also we celebrate Rakshabandhan festival with the motto ‘Nurture the Nature’ with a message to repay the nature which gives us abundance. Around 400 students and their parents tied Raksha sutras to the tress, plants and animals to show their concern towards them and pledge to care for them,” said Dr. Tushar Bhosle Director PAGS.



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