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Students of MSU presents their creations on the theme ‘Tribes of India’

Students of MSU presents their creations on the theme ‘Tribes of India’

The inspirations are from the various textiles, crafts and design inherent to the Tribes of India.

Students of MSU Department of Clothing and Textiles, Faculty of Family and Community Sciences this year presents their Creations on the theme ‘Tribes of India’, at its annual graduating ramp show on 24th March Sunday. The inspirations for these collections are from the various textiles, crafts and design that are inherent to the Tribes of India.

A total of 55 designers displays their designs on stage with 110 designs grouped under nine collections modelled by 54 models that include Children (12), Female (29) and Male (13) models.

The budding designers input their creative ideas to the designs after inspired by our indigenous tribes be it textiles, painting, embroidery, tattoos, weaponry, ornaments, and surroundings. Through Creations’ 2019 the budding designers celebrate the gripping narratives of Indian tribes which are further fashioned in myriad styles, fabrics and surface treatments. The collections are designed for men, women and children in different degrees of formality, for different seasons and occasion.

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The collections are outcome of the final year under graduate and post graduate work which the students have developed during the academic year under the guidance of the Prof.Madhu Sharan, Vandana Chauhan, Dr. Falguni Patel, Garvita Sharma, Beena Santosh and Dr. Reena Bhatia.

The Nine collections showcased on the ramp are:

SHOHRAI celebrates the painting from the tribal state of Jharkhand in three different techniques; hand painting, screen printing and digital printing of animals, birds, lizards, elephants and Pashupati (the creator of all animals) on fawn coloured raw silk saree layouts. These are styled into mysterious drapes for the ramp collection by the master students.

ARATRIKA the dusk lamp is inspired from the sartorial sensibilities of Rabaris and Maldharis, nomadic tribes that roam parts of Gujarat. Budding designers have played with the cuts and details of the garments and making an easy going wearable collection which includes backless cholis, backless gowns, short “kediya” jackets, dhoti, pants, lehengas and voluminous garments with minimalistic surface ornamentation highlighting ‘less is more’.

NO STRINGS ATTACHED collection is inspired from "Kathputli" art and craft or Rajasthani puppetry practiced by the Bhat Community earlier and now the Nomadic tribes. The concept revolves around using the main elements of strings and how the silhouette changes with the pull of strings of the dancing Kathputli. The main elements is the garment can go back to it's original shape with the playing of strings too. The collection is designed to perfectly match the needs and aesthetic of the current streetwear fashion with a show stopper creation in Avant Garde.

MITTICHITRA: ODE TO ADORNMENT reflects the delightful myriad images in dots which comes alive in the collection as an ode of the Bhil painting of Madhya Pradesh that adorns the walls and ceilings of each household. An accent of bright hand painted traditional and contemporized motifs appliquéd with buttonhole stitch on the blue and grey hues of different textures and silhouettes adds magic that is to the point - pin point.

BLUE BIRDS signifies “spirit Animals”, carrying messages from the spirit world of happiness and joy. The kids’ collection emulates this spirit in the design features such as bows, ruffles and fullness and loose garmentsin hues of blues ornamented with ribbon embroidery to add the virtue of the spirit world.

DROKPA: THE HIMALAYA SECRET of the oldest and purest Aryan tribe called 'DROKPA' residing in mountainous Ladakh is revealed on the ramp. The winter collection is inspired from their layered clothing with the essence of simplicity and their love for flowers in wool and cotswool. The handmade accessories, surface ornamentation using flowers, buttons and french knots and the elaborate floral headgears reveal their secret.

MIROIR MIROIR SUR LE TISSU aims to bring to you the prominence of abhala(mirror) work and traditional embroidery of Ahir tribe from Kutch, Gujarat in contemporary silhouettes in varied cuts. The collection is an artful manipulation of mashru fabric using pleats and drapes in off white with highlights of mirror work perfect for an elegant evening.

“DIDICOI”: THE DRIFTERS took its inspiration from the leather craft of Rajasthan to re interpret it to the Hippie and Bohemian lifestyles with surface ornamentation in vivid colours of Rajasthan, like the golden sands writ with the multi coloured leheriyas. The collection attempts to emulate the carefree Boho attitude.

TRIBAL TALES collection is inspired from the tribal tattoo art of the Northeastern India and has been designed keeping in mind the individualistic expression of the tattoo motifs in casual wear spring summer lounge wear collection. Its printed and painted expression on off white, rich gold and olive green lends to the vivaciousness of the elaborate ensembles.

The annual ramp show Creations 2019 presents an opportunity for graduating students of Clothing and Textiles to showcase their ingenious self through their collections as they embark the journey of their chosen field. The collections presented on the ramp are an outcome of the team work of the students and staff of the department.

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