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Students learn laughing tips in Vadodara

Students learn laughing tips in Vadodara

Education is not a pressure but due to the expectations of the family the children are in constant tension which also affects them mentally as well as physically. To make them mentally free the only way is to make them witness funny serials. One of the schools in Vadodara experiment the same and showed cartoon serials to the students and taught them the laughing tips.

In Zenith school the students of age group 8 to 11 years learned the tips of laughing watch the famous Chacha Bhatija cartoon serial. In the school hall the students watch the serial and laugh uncontrollably leaving aside the daily pressure. They also learned the tips of laughing.

High school Councillor Janvi Shukla said that education is not a luggage and whatever the pressure the students are going through is because of their parents. Due to the unnecessary pressure from the family the students are continuously in mental tension and that affects them very badly.

To make them mentally relaxed the school on Wednesday they showed a funny serial Chacha Bhatija to the students and gives them laughing tips which helps them to relive their pressure. She further added that their school always believes in play way method of learning and with the new technologies coming the students forget to write. So it’s important to make them write.

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