Aim to spread awareness about mother nature through art and festival

Kites are considered to be the best way to spread awareness and people during this time of the year use the medium to reach them in maximum. A city artist in Vadodara comes up with the noble idea to make people love the nature around them.

In the times when the cities are turning into jungles of concrete the people are also getting away from the nature. A city artist Hariom Gurjar inspire his students to draw nature related subjects on paper kites and all were displayed in Venus Academy of Fine Arts. The aim is to spread the message through art and festival.

Total of 124 kites were displayed in the exhibition which showed different subjects related to nature. The students from the age group of 5 to 16 years draw images on kites very carefully directly with pastel colours.

“We give the title ‘Patang Ma Prakruti’ which gives a view about the love and imaginations of the artists towards mother nature. To engage students to such an activity is to sensitise them about the environment and inculcate the feeling to care,” said Gurjar.

The students draw images of flowers, animals, trees, seasons, flora and fauna with their imaginations. It took around two hours to draw it on kites directly with pastel colours. Hariom Gurjar himself tried acrylic colour for the first time on kite and draw beautiful squirrels playing on branch. The idea is to teach the same art to his students in near future.