Strict checking in place for new year parties in Vadodara


The countdown for 31st December already begins and the party revellers are making last minute efforts to welcome the new year. Vadodara city and district police is all set to kept a watch on the happenings and the new year parties.

Vadodara city is also known for its parties and when new year is around the enthusiasm in at its peak. The farm houses and party plots are all set to welcome the new year and all preparations are almost complete.

To avoid any untoward incident during the celebrations the police is also tighten up their strings. Special arrangements are there for the new year eve with SOG, Payrol Ferlo squad, QRT teams are on edge. With Nakabandi at various points the vehicle are strictly checked by the police teams. 15 applications are given a nod by the police for the party with special instructions. The police teams kept a watch at the party venues and informer networks are revived by the police.

Similarly in Vadodara city the hotels are organising new year parties and the police asked the owners to kept a bird eye view on them through CCTV.

Secondly the instructions are already issued to them about the parties and strict action will be taken against the one who fails to follow the guidelines.


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