National Safety Day 2021

It’s a story of a mother who fight every odds in life to save her children including a divyang. People often said her to kill the divyang daughter but instead she took it as a challenge and make sure her five children get settled in life.

Kokilaben Jagdishchandra Shah lost her husband in 1982 and her life was shattered as he was the only earning member in the family. Now she had the responsibility to raise her five children including a divyang daughter.

She started working in houses to run the family as she lost her husband the only earning member. However she get the support of her daughters specially the elder and the second who is divyang. The elder Parul got the job of her father and second Bharti help her mother in Gruh Udyog business they started from their home.

“The time was so tough for me as I have to raise my five children specially the divyang Bharti who is a big responsibility. But my daughters came to my aid and helped me sharing the responsibility. The elder got the job and support financially while the second one Bharti helps me in the Gruh Udyog. The daughter who was the biggest challenge becomes my strength and that helps me to support the family after my husband died,” said Kokilaben.

Kokilaben also face the other side of the society when many asked her to kill Bharti who is divyang. But she doesn’t carried away with such criminal thoughts and continue her struggle to raise her family.

“People used to curse me as I am divyang and told my mother to kill me. Even my grand mother also told my mother the same thing but she don’t turned her attention to such things. I took all this as a challenge to prove myself and help my mother in her work. I then start interacting with people like me and that gives me the strength to establish myself in the society. Now I proudly said that I achieve the place which I deserve and that is the befitting reply to those who once cursed me,” said Bharti Shah.

All the children are well settled now and that gives Kokilaben a mental peace.


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