Making people aware in different ways about its importance

With accordance with WHO “The Save Lives: Clean Your Hand” campaign, Sterling Hospitals Vadodara Celebrated “World Hygiene Day”. The aim for the celebration is to make awareness about importance and Impact of hand Hygiene practices to the patients and patients relative in reducing infection in turn patients’ safety.

At least 5,00,000 patients are infected each day throughout world 20 to 50,000 die as result. Hand hygiene using alcohol based hand rub reduces the number by 50%.

Each year, WHO identifies specific health care need & proposes theme for targeted action.

This year Hand hygiene campaigning IA as a part of an infection Control and Prevention programme, in any setting, support IPC & reduces an avoidable burden on health system.

The Save Lives: Clean your Hand campaign aims to maintain a Global Profile on the importance of hand Hygiene in health care by “bringing people together” in support of hand hygiene improvement globally.

All the Patients and their relatives celebrated this day with high spirits at the Sterling Hospitals – Vadodara.




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