24-year-old Harsh get a Gift of normal life after accurate treatment

Every year 28th. July, World Health Organization (WHO) celebrate World Hepatitis Day and organise various programmes to aware the people about the disease. During World Hepatitis Day 2019 campaign, WHO is urging all countries and partners to promote the theme “Invest in eliminating hepatitis”.

Viral Hepatitis B and C affect 325 million people worldwide causing 1.4 million deaths a year. Hepatitis is preventable, treatable, and in case of hepatitis C, curable. However, over 80% of people living with hepatitis are lacking prevention, testing and treatment services.

Sterling hospital in Vadodara organise various multiple awareness activity regarding “Hepatitis Disease” for the celebration of “World Hepatitis Day 2019’ falls on 28th July. The doctors treated one patient of Hepatitis and give a joyful life to the patient.

24 year old Male patient, Harsh had a history of decrease appetite, vomiting, yellow eye and urine. He was taken to the private hospital and treatment was started as he was diagnosed to have hepatitis A related viral hepatitis. Inspite of treatment for 3-4 days, his condition deteriorated with kidneys stopped functioning and he became unconscious. He was diagnosed to have hepatic encephalopathy and dialysis was started.

Parents took decision to shift patient to Sterling Hospital as his condition was worsening. Patient was admitted in the Hospital on 26th June, 2019 under expert cure of Dr. Pankaj Jain and Dr. Dharmesh Shah (Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist).

As his condition was critical, he was admitted in CCU. Patient was examined in detail, required investigations were done and treatment was started without any delay.
According to Dr. Pankaj Jain and Dr. Dharmesh Shah Patient had very serious infection and was in very critical condition in ventilator support. For this Intensivist Dr. Ritesh Shah was guiding his treatment.

Patient kidney was not functioning for which he was placed on hemo dialysis under expert care of Nephrology Team consists of Dr. Manish Dabhi, Dr. Archit Patel and Dr. Madhav Tamhankar. The Condition of the patient improved gradually, Infection was under control and later ventilator was removed after he regained conscious. Patient had genetic condition called G-6PD deficiency so to maintain his HB (Hemoglobin), he was given 7 PCV (Blood Bottles) and other blood Products. He was shifted from CCU (Critical Care Unit) after 13 days of treatment.Gradually his jaundice improved and Kidney started functioning and was discharged from hospital on 22nd July 2019.

Anil Kumar Nambiar, Zonal Director of Sterling Hospitals, Vadodara, said, when the patient Harsh was brought to Sterling Hospital in a delicate state of jaundice and lack of timely treatment, our multi-disciplinary team of specialized and specialist doctors worked hard and managed the case. As a result, the gift of joyful life that we receive today is a matter of pride.


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