Britain’s famous physicist Professor Stephen Hawking, has died. He was 76 years old. In 1974, Stephen Hawkins became the world’s leading name for science by making extraordinary research on Black Holes.

He was also the author of the Bestseller Book ‘A Brief History of Time’. He was also the research director of the Theoretical Cosmological Center (University of theoretical Cosmology) at the University of Cambridge. Hawking lived on wheelchairs He had said, “At the age of 21, the doctors told me that I have a terminal illness named Motor Neuron.”

Explaining the secret of his success, he once said that his illness has played the biggest role in making him a scientist. Before the illness, he did not pay much attention to his studies, but during the illness, he started feeling that he would not be alive for long, then he put all his attention on the research.

In 2014, the film ‘Theory of Everything’ has also been made on the world’s most famous physicist and cosmologist.