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STEM centre of excellence launched in Vadodara

STEM centre of excellence launched in Vadodara

In talks with 18 schools to implement the practical based learning module

18 schools of Vadodara are in the process to implement practical based learning module STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) for the teachers and students. STEM is challenge based hands-on practical education which aims to foster inquisitive minds, logical reasoning and collaboration skills.

After collaboration with many schools in India the team is now targeting the cultural city Vadodara. Dr. Paddy Sharma the CE0 and founder of this School visited the city and conducted a seminar to train and educate this generation of teachers and students in order to grow India‘s population of critical thinkers in the areas of Science, Technology. Engineering and Math. Dr. Sharma was accompanied by Dr. Chandler Sharma Advisor and Manoj Barot Marketing and Business Development.

STEM Methodology empowers schools to prepare students for the future without affecting the original curriculum. STEM center of excellence is a full service education firm providing an interactive curriculum, teacher training and expertise in building and launching STEM Schools from Kindergarten to 12th standard. STEMCOE believes in an interdisciplinary approach to STEM education which engages students in critical thinking through authentic and experiential learning experiences within the framework of standards based instruction.

STEM cultivates a stimulating learning environment that infuses inquiry and stimulates critical out-of-the-box thinking paving way for schools to proudly product business and social leaders and responsible world citizens. It will also help in better job prospects for the students. STEM jobs are projected to grow 13% between 2017 to 2027 in the USA and occupations have wages above national average.

The main thing is to provide practical based learning in schools in parallel with the curriculum and whichever ever schools opt for the module they will be providing the training and materials. Right now STEM is spreading in few states of India and in talks with 18 schools in Vadodara. They are also trying to target the lower level and special schools to bridge the gap.

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