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State-of-the-art devices to treat cancer patients available at cancer department of Sayaji Hospital in Vadodara

State-of-the-art devices to treat cancer patients available at cancer department of Sayaji Hospital in Vadodara

Treatment of patients has been started with Rs 25 crore machines under the supervision of skilled surgeons trained in Michigan and Harvard

Sloan Memorial Cancer Hospital has become famous in our country since the late Nargis Dutt, the greatest actress of all time in Hindi films, was treated for cancer in New York, USA. These treatments are so expensive that only special people can afford them.

However it is hard to believe that a large government hospital in Vadodara is treating the patients with the same state-of-the-art machinery and equipment available at the world's best cancer hospitals. But this is absolutely true.

The sensitive Gujarat government and its health department have provided the same company cancer treatment devices at Sayaji Hospital, the largest hospital in Central Gujarat. The machines have been installed at a cost of Rs 25 crore.

Not only that, Dr. Anil Goyal trained in the world famous Michigan and Harvard educational institutions, the Department of Radisson Oncology has started the treatment of stubborn cancer with the help of mentioned advanced devices. As a result, the public is getting treatment for this disease at a very concessional rate and patients having various types of cards from the Government of India and the State Government are getting this for free.

Remember that cancer hurts the human body, but expensive and long lasting treatment hurts the mind. Thus, it is worth noting the government's commitment to provide special treatment to the people in government hospitals.

Not only Dr. Anil Goyal but also other doctors and technicians operating these state-of-the-art equipments have working experience of the best cancer treatment institutes in the country.

The world's most advanced Varian company has started treating cancer patients with advanced linear accelerators and other best devices and has benefited more than 22 patients in the last ten days. Anil Goyal said that they have a 4D scanning city simulator, treatment planning system, radiosurgery devices for radiation therapy only for the cancer affected parts. There is also a brake therapy facility that makes surgery for cancerous tumors possible without plastic surgery by avoiding deformities of the face or body parts.

In short, there are facilities available for the treatment of various types of cancers such as chest, breast, uterus, skin and various parts of the body as well as surgery for cancerous tumors as small as 4 cm in size, without bleeding and pain.

PMJY patients and those who have a card like Amrutam given by the state government are treated almost free of cost within the financial limits and other patients are treated at a negligible rate as compared to private hospitals. In case the benefit of free or higher relief rate treatment can be availed subject to the recommendation of the Medical Superintendent.

Not only this, with the help of the Health Department of the Government of India, it has been proposed to develop a center at Sayaji Hospital where all types of cancer treatment can be provided under one roof. As soon as it is approved, new doors of cancer treatment will open. Efforts are being made to get the proposal approved soon.

Under the leadership and guidance of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, the state health department is constantly updating health services and hospitals. Under Radisson Oncology, state-of-the-art cancer treatment facilities like in Sayaji Hospital are being provided in Government / Government Trust run hospitals in Jamnagar, Bhavnagar and Rajkot.

Cancer is a stubborn disease whose treatment is very complicated, long, expensive and painful. Then this facility provided by the state government to the people will prove to be a ray of hope for them.

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