State Monitoring Cell Gandhinagar intercepted and seized a Maharashtra passing container truck filled with English liquor. The team arrested the two accused from the spot and one was declared wanted by the police. The truck and the accused was handover to the Harni police station for further investigation.monitoringAs per the brief details of the case last night around 12.30am the state monitoring cell on prior information intercepted the container truck no. MH 06 AQ 0501 at Vadodara Golden Crossroads towards Halol Toll Plaza on Vadodara to Halol road.

After checking the container the team was shocked to see the liquor bottles were stocked inside in boxes. The team checked and found 98532 bottles of English Liquor worth around 59 lakhs 54,400 from inside the container truck.monitoringThe team arrested two accused manu Irwa 27 and Rahul Pillai from Kerala alonf with the container and liquor bottles. They also recovered mobiles, cash all in total of 79,69,700 along with the truck and liquor. Another accused named Selvam is declared wanted by the police .

The state monitoring cell Assistant Police Constable Manishbhai Jayantibhai registered a complaint in the Harni police station and handover the accused to them for further investigation.