Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan proposed a budget of 3820.60 crore with a increase of 80.20 cr in taxes for the approval of Standing Committee. On Wednesday the standing committee waived the proposed increased 80 crores and accepted the 3728.69 crore budget.

Standing committee chairman Jigishaben Sheth said after five days of intensive discussion they accepted the budget as per the lines of last year. The commitee waives the proposed increased of 80.20 crores tax by the Municipal Corporation and kept it as it is like last year.Further she said PM Narendra Modi started Clean India Mission and on the lines of it VMSS also starts the mission in the city. Right now 1200 Safai workers are with the corporation and still they engaged more Safai workers on per day basis which increase 10 crores more on the corporation. Moreover with the implementation of 7th Pay Commission there is a increase of 48.06cr on them. To reach all the expenses they increase in cleanliness tax for this year and get the income of 21.34 crores.

Standing committee chairman Jigishaben Sheth further said the budget is development based and a proposal is there of 24/7 water supply for the citizens. Furthermore work on drainage, Strom water drain, roads, street lights and health is on fast paced and given priority. She said and hope Vadodara will be no. 1 in terms of cleanliness.


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