National Safety Day 2021

Gets training from VMSS to maintain cleanliness around them

We witness tea and food stalls in almost every corner of the city to serve the foodies. However the place also witnesses so much of waste dumped around them which can lead to serious health issues.

Now the Corporation comes to the rescue and train such stall owners in food safety guidelines and maintain cleanliness at their work place. Such owners are provided new kit by the department to wear it compulsory while they work.

As per available details VMSS is running a special drive to make the city clean and also issues advisory to the stalls to maintain cleanliness around them. Taking a step further the department gives special training to them to follow food safety guidelines and serve standard food items to the customers.

The stall owners are provided with a kit by the team that consists of apron, cap and hand gloves to help them serve safe food to the customers without any fear of contamination. The tea and food stall owners have to wear the safety kit compulsorily and maintain cleanliness around them.

Till date around 300 such stall owners are given training by the department and provided the safety kits to them.


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