Honorary Neurosurgeon in SSG hospital in Vadodara Dr. Amey Patankar put allegations on the administration for not providing him basic medical equipments and services need inside the department. He also allege that there is no permanent Neurosurgeon in the department and the administration is not taking it seriously which force the patients to opt for other hospitals

The allegations by the Neurosurgeon working in the biggest general hospital in central Gujarat raised many questions against the administration which boasts of having best infrastructure and facilities for the patients. Dr. Amey raised many questions regarding providing the facilities to the doctors working in his department.“There is no super speciality doctors available and the administration is not taking it seriously. Secondly in the Annual Development Plan the GMSDL approved and allot the equipments which yet to reach him. They also reduce the health budget and not utilise it inside the SSG hospital. They are not serious and due to their personal differences the patients suffers and they opt for other hospitals. I call it a medical terrorism and I only request them to please provide the equipments and basic facilities inside the department,” said Patankar.

Undertrail escaped from SSG Hospital Vadodara

He gives a written memorandum in this regard to Superintendent Dr. Rajiv Deveshwar who promise to inform the related officials. However he also accept that there is a need of full time Neurosurgeon in the department.“I received his queries and inform the concerned department. The hospital has the best world class Neurosergery equipments in Gujarat although for the last two years no new equipments arrives here. As far as the patient woes I can say the problem solve after the appointment of full time Neurosurgeon here,” said Dr. Rajiv Deveshwar.

Whatever be the matter but such allegations by a Neurosurgeon on the SSG hospital administration raised many eyebrows.


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