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Sri M will deliver Navrachana University’s annual Samvaad Lecture

Sri M will deliver Navrachana University’s annual Samvaad Lecture

Sri M’s book, "The Journey Continues ...’ will also be launched by Rajmata Shubhanginiraje Gaekwad, Chancellor, MSU Baroda.

Sri M the living yogi comes up with the Gujarati translation of his book 'The Journey Continues' and launch it in Vadodara. The book carries the topics of rebirth of a soul till it reached the Moksha. He will also be delivering a lecture under the annual Samvaad lecture series in Navrachana University.

Born in Muslim family as Mumtaz Ali Khan he follows Nath tradition and got his name changed to Madhukarnath by his spiritual guru Maheshwarnath Babaji. The M in his name shows the humanity which is above all.

"The book is the continuation of my journey of spiritual world and I talked about rebirth of soul till it reaches the Moksha. The book is releasing in Gujarati and will be translated in Marathi, Hindi and Malayalam in next phase," said Sri M.

Sri M’s life has been a transformational journey from a young boy to a living yogi. He has ' several books to his credit, and his latest book, ”The Journey Continues ...” is a sequel to his very popular book, "Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master”. The book offers the essence of modern science which is struggling to pinpoint the abode of consciousness and the mystic world of Mind.

It also focuses on the ”Brain-Mind Complex” that can reform the bridge of Neuroscience, Quantum Physics and Spirituality. A few years back, he undertook an( inspirational Walk, Kashmir to Kanyakumari, called Walk of Hope, during which he had walked through Vadodara.

Talking about present education system he said nowadays it's about filling the information in students but self intelligence is important and will come out from the inner self. A subject of character development and critical thinking must be included in the curriculum. Spirituality can also be there on experimental basis and not forced on students.

The Lecture this year will be in the form of a Conversation between Sri M, spiritual master and founder, Satsang Foundation, and eminent writer and thinker Padma Shri Gunvantbhai Shah. It will centre around Sri M’s book, "The Journey Continues ...’ that will also be launched on the same evening by Rajmata Shubhanginiraje Gaekwad, Chancellor, M S University of Baroda. This book is available in its Gujarati translation by Rekha Udayan.

NUV Samvaad is a public lecture series hosted every year by Navrachana University, Vadodara. It provides a platform to engage in stimulating talk and discussions with eminent personalities from various walks of life. The objective is to enrich the community with ingenious ideas and practices. The lecture series is open to students, teachers, and other professionals.

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