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Virat Kohli's restaurant chain accused of discrimination against LGBTQIA+

Soon after this account went viral on social media, users slammed Kohli, saying that such bigotry should not be tolerated in today's India.

Virat Kohlis restaurant chain accused of discrimination against LGBTQIA+

Virat Kohli, the captain of Team India, is taking a vacation following a disappointing performance at the ICC T20 World Cup 2021. Kohli, who stepped down as India's T20 captain, is skipping the New Zealand T20 series as well as the first Test against the Kiwis in Kanpur, but his problems appear to be far from over.

One8 Commune, a restaurant chain owned by Kohli, has sparked a new controversy when an advocacy organisation accused it of being discriminatory and discriminating towards the LGBTQIA+ community. One8 Commune has branches in Pune, Delhi, and Kolkata, according to 'Yes, We Exist.' 'Stags are not allowed', according to the restaurant's Zomato listing.

"We DM'ed (direct messaged) them 2 weeks ago, got no response. We called the Pune branch, they confirmed that entry is not allowed only for cisgender heterosexual couples or groups of cisgender woman; gay couples or a group of gay men are not allowed; trans women allowed subject to their clothing," the group wrote in an Instagram post.

The 'Yes, We Exist' Instagram post also stated that they received no answer from the chain's Delhi location, while the Kolkata branch stated that 'stags are not allowed,' despite its Zomato booking page indicating otherwise.

"Discrimination against LGBTQIA+ guests is common at such fancy restaurants, bars and clubs in India, and Virat Kohli is no exception," the post added.

The organisation also claimed to have emailed Zomato, asking if they had 'attempted to sensitise' Kohli. Kohli's One8 Commune published a statement on Monday in response to the assertions made by 'Yes, We Exist,' saying it believes in 'welcoming all people irrespective of their gender and/or preferences.'

"As our name denotes, we have always been inclusive in serving all communities since our inception," the statement read. "Similar to industry-wide practice and in conformity with government rules, we obviously have a prohibition of stag entry policy (subject to relaxation) in place so as to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for our guests."

Netizens, on the other hand, have slammed Kohli for the same on social media.Virat Kohli-owned restaurant chain accused of discrimination against LGBTQIA+ community

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