National Safety Day 2021

Organized under the aegis of Indukaka Ipcowala Institute of Management

Indukaka Ipcowala Institute of Management organised a two day workshop on the theme of ‘critical thinking’ for officials and educationists of Bhutan Education Ministry.  With regards of Invitation to Institute of Excellence and Development of Bhutan Government, the workshop was organized by International Student Cell (ISC) of CHARUSAT in association with government of Bhutan at Hotel Le Meridien on 1st and 2nd April.

Reiterating on the importance of critical thinking and why CHARUSAT is the best option for students from Bhutan, Tashi Kanjum from Institute of Excellence and Development thanked and congratulated CHARUSAT for the success of the workshop.  He applauded Ipcowala Institute of Management for the aptness of their educational programmes and reckoned them as ideal for the overall growth and development of the students.  He beckoned CHARUSAT as the best launch pad for students of Bhutan who wish to pursue higher education and successful future afterwards.

University’s International Student Cell is always working for the better opportunities for International Students.  As a part of this drive the workshop was organized where dean of Faculty of Management and Principal of II2M, Dr. Govind spoke about various endeavors of International Student Cell of CHARUSAT which has been appreciated globally.  One of the recent examples of the same is an invitation by Government of Bhutan to organize this workshop which aimed at instilling creative thinking skills in the team of Bhutan’s education ministry through logical, critical and case analysis method.  The participants – officials and educationists were trained in various aspects like creativity, problem solving and innovation, mind mapping, scamper technic and other.

Making sure that international students are greeted with warmth and hospitality, CHARUSAT has ‘Unique Single Window System’ where apart from education, their every little need is taken care of.  These initiatives are taken in association with Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Human Resource and Development along with different embassies.  British Embassy along with many other embassies has even take note of CHARUSAT’s endeavors.

CHARUSAT provost Dr. Pankaj Joshi and registrar Dr. Devang Joshi congratulated and praised International Student Cell at Indukaka Ipcowala Institute of Management for their incessant endeavours and committed efforts.


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