In today’s stressful life everyone needs a remedy to get rid of the tensions and lives a healthy life. Police department is the one which needs to be rejuvenated in their daily stressful life and Yoga is the perfect solution for them. Keeping this in mind a three day Yoga camp of Swami Harshanand was organised in Vadodara where men and women police trainees learned the art of fitness through yoga.

In the final day of the camp Swami Harshanand gives training to the women police trainees in Police training school at Pratapnagar. His yoga is different with the traditional one and includes the everyday sounds which he scientifically inculcates with the traditional asanas of Yoga. He said the sounds which we heard every day is important and we can use them to relief the stress with yoga. He taught Sound Science and Giddhasani Yogik Kriya to the women police trainees.

“Sound is vacuum and everywhere there are sounds of animals, birds and living beings. The idea is to how e we become different with these sounds. We taught the policemen specially women the different yoga of Sound Science and Giddhasani Yogik Kriya to work efficiently and with patience in adverse situations. Policemen lives a stressful life everyday and yoga teach them the art of reliving stress and work more efficiently,” said Yog Guru Swami Harshanandji Maharaj.

The women police trainees took part in big numbers and learn the art of new form of sound yoga from the yog guru. Swami ji also taught them the art of living and make them taking pledge for not wasting water and plantation on their birthdays. “The police job is full of challenges and that’s why we gives horse power inspired Giddhasani Yogik Kriya training to them. The training give them to balance their duties and perform efficiently in every situation,” said Swami Harshanand.

The organisers also felt that the camp will benefit the police department. “We organised the camp for the stress management of the policemen and the results are positive. The yoga will improve the efficiency as they get peace of mind and which decrease the clashes between them and improve their workability,” said R.P. Yadav Commandant SRP Group 9.

Tourism expert also feel that yoga and spirituality will give a boost to the tourism in India. “Yoga and Spirituality is to be joined with tourism and that will boost the tourism industry in the country. Stress is everywhere in the world and when the people all across the world visit our country for yoga then they will get the feel of the culture and the beauty of India which also boost the tourism,” said J.K. Jhala tourism advisor and consultant.



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