Threaten to boycott elections

The locals of Sonarkui village near Vadodara were outraged after they were included in the corporation limits. They said the locals were not informed about this before and put up posters of boycotting the elections in their area. Outraged locals threatened to boycott all elections until the matter was resolved.

Sonarkui village is on the way from Vadodara to Sindhrot. According to the locals their village was included in the municipality limits and they said no discussion has been held with them regarding the inclusion. There was widespread resentment among the locals and in order to raise their voice they threaten to boycott the local district-taluka panchayat elections.

Talking to media the locals said that they need a gram panchayat and do not want to be included in the municipality. They have not been notified in any way before included in the municipality. They threaten not to vote in any election until their problem is solved.

Villagers protested and put up banners of no party entry to the village. Being united the villagers are demanding a gram panchayat.


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