Son killed his father in Padra


Angered after scolded by his father a son killed his father after hit him with a axe in Padra Sejkuva village. The father so duo often had quarrels and on Tuesday night the son hit him with the axe and killed his father after he scolded him.

Bhagubhai Talpada 50 was living in Sejkuva village in Padra Taluka was working in fields and runs his family. His son Kanti 25 is not doing anything and often fights with his father and the family.

On Tuesday night Bhagubhai scolded his son Kanti and said to do some work and that started the fight between the both. The fight continued and getting uglier with every passing second. Irked with scolding Kanti picked up a axe and hit his father on head who fell on the ground with blood profously coming out from his head. The family tried to take him to the hospital but he died on the spot.

However the accused son ran away from the spot before the villagers reached the spot. Padra police also reached the spot and took custody of the body and hunt is on to nab the accused son.


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