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Some great Diwali deals coming up this Diwali

Some great Diwali deals coming up this Diwali

Diwali is all about celebrating the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. With the kind of joy and pomp it is celebrated with, there is no doubt why the majority of the Indians keep waiting for this festival the entire year around. From lights, lanterns, sweets to crackers and gifts, the celebration is never done on a small scale. Speaking of gifts, we know that Diwali is all about buying new things, gifting things and simply just splurging your money on items and valuables. But given the fact that not every person has a lot of money to spare, many people keep waiting for Diwali to avail the best deals, discounts,and coupons to save some money while shopping.

So, what kind of deals should you look out for and where should you look out for them?


Amazon is known for hosting the best deals during the days of Diwali. The Amazon Diwali sale is going to be hosted from 4th November till 8thNovember 2018 and every single person is ready with their carts full to avail the offers before they run out of them. The majority of the offers are on the electronics item and even the household items that you purchase from the website during the sale. It is always suggested to keep everything ready, because of the high demand during those few days.


Now that we have talked about Amazon, we just can’t leave Flipkart behind, now, can we? The Flipkart Diwali Sale is expected to begin from 01stNovember 2018 and is ready to entice you with just as good deals. The clothing, as well as the electronics market, is expected to get the maximum amount of boost from this sale so if you are planning on getting something from these two categories, make sure you keep your carts ready during the sale on Flipkart.


Diwali is all about wearing something new and colourful and if you are on a strict budget and need some good deals, opting for Myntra is absolutely the best idea now. The Diwali offers have already started pouring in and you can get your hands on the branded clothes for a discounted price.

Make sure that this Diwali, you not just buy new things and splurge, you save the money too by availing some of the best available deals online. Keep your attention aligned and make sure that you never miss out on any of the offer alerts.

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