Now the people of Vadodara know how much the solar radiation level emitting from the sun. All thanks to the solar radiation measurement facility developed at the Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Technology and Engineering MSU Baroda. Presently the facility is for the use of students but can be extend to others in case of need.

The solar radiation measurement facility is developed at Alternative Energy Sources Laboratory at Mechanical Engineering Department for the students. Two secondary standard pyranometers (Hukesflux make) along with a shading ring and datalogger have been installed.  Global and diffuse solar radiation flux can be very accurately measured at this facility. The facility can provide required data for in-house solar energy experiments as well as industries working in this area.  The fund for the facility has come from a project sponsored by University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi.

“The facility provides accurate radiation date emitting from the sun and can be beneficial for the research and industries working in the area. The data provide the potential energy received during per hour, day or month and help the user to know the usage and savings. Presently the facility is for the students of the faculty for their solar energy experimenting but  also help the others if they need the data,” said Dr. J. R. Mehta Asst. Professor Mechanical Engineering department and principal investigator.