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Solar powered container classroom in Vadodara

Solar powered container classroom in Vadodara

Now the students of Chhani Kumar Shala in Vadodara will study inside eco friendly classroom. A private company in Vadodara designed the unique concept of container classroom in Vadodara with facilities like library, computer lab and toilets. The container is fitted with solar panel atop and the whole classroom will run with solar energy. The eco friendly classroom with such a concept is the first in Gujarat. The school is run by the District Primary Education Committee.


The parents of the students often think that there is no facilities in the government run schools and they opt for costly private schools. But with this concept classroom the parents now gives a second thought before going to the private schools from. The Solar powered container classroom is the answer for the parents as the eco friendly classrooms are equipped with everything the students need for education.


The private company under their CSR activities built four container classrooms with Solar system having facilities of Computer lab, Library, Laboratory and Sanitation block. With Solar rooftop the electricity cost will be saved and the students will study inside air conditioned environment. The facility also will increase the numbers of students in the school.


Among the presence of sports minister Rajendra Trivedi the Shala Praveshotsav was celebrated in the Kumar Shala no.1 in Chhani. He proposed the company to install such Solar powered containers in every schools in Gujarat.


School principal Acharya Brahmbhatt said that the village people have the mentality that the government schools has no facilities for the students and they avoid taking admissions in this. Now with this state of the art Eco friendly Solar powered containers classrooms installed in our school will change their lookout and they opt for government schools and also the numbers of the students will increase in coming days.


The company official Prashant Singh said that in order to improve the standard of teaching their company started to invest in schools under its CSR policy. In view of that they donate the Solar powered containers to the school and the four containers cost 35 lakhs in total.

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